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Gig Goblin is here to help you find more gigs, in the easiest possible manner and without taking a massive cut of your earnings. We at Gig Goblin have been in many bands in the past and always bemoaned paying away 15-20% per gig, or subscription rates to agents. They could be notoriously aloof when trying to get to be one of their ‘go to acts’, they could also be pretty slow payers. Every transaction on Gig Goblin is completely transparent, clients place booking requests with you DIRECTLY.
There are no subscription fees here, just join up and you’ll start to receive offers of gigs in your inbox, which you can fit around your current schedule. We have tried to keep our admin rates as low as possible. As a new member the standard rate is 10% and after 20 gigs, as a friend of The Goblin this drops to 8%.
Since Gig Goblin is a platform where clients contact you directly, you’ll have as fairer chance as anyone on here to get work – and you are under no obligation to take gigs if you are already busy. Register using the tab in the top-right corner

Venues will search the database for the most suitable act, they send a request to that act to check availability. You will receive an email if it is you, just log onto the site and accept the gig if you are free. The venue then locks the gig in by paying online via Stripe. The money is released to you once the gig is over, for the first gig we will contact you for your bank details but after that your details will be stored by our business account provider. We will aim to get the money to you as quickly as possible, but please allow two-three working days.
The venue will set the price for the gig, it is up to you if you accept it. On your profile use the average price as a guide to make sure you are paid what you are worth.
The Goblin understands that emergencies do occur, if you cannot make the gig please contact us as soon as possible so we can attempt to find a suitable replacement. However please don’t make a habit of this as it will affect your status on the site and ultimately you may be removed permanently.


Gig Goblin is here to help you find the right act for your venue or event, in the easiest possible fashion. Browse our vast library of quality professional musicians, find the right act for you and then make them an offer through our online tool. The system will contact the band and check whether they are available for your date, once they say yes you can lock in the gig with a credit or debit card payment. It’s that simple.

Yes, you can request different bands at the same time, the gig is only locked in by you once you receive a reply. So, it can be ‘first come, first served’ or you can wait for all to come back and pick your favourite.
Any special requests can be added when making the initial booking, if the band accepts the gig they would have taken these into account before doing so.
You do, the act will have a set range they would consider, the low end being for local pub gigs the higher end being for larger function gigs. You decide what would be a fair price for your event. We take your payment but don’t release it to the act until you are satisfied after the gig. All payments are taken and held via ‘Stripe’ who process billions of dollars a year for thousands of businesses, from newly-launched start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.
This is extremely unlikely as professional musicians live and die by their reputation. One negative review on this website could be severely detrimental to future employment. However, if in rare circumstances this does occur, with your permission we would look to fill the spot with an act we know would deliver a quality performance suitable to your requirements. You are of course welcome to a full refund if this doesn’t suffice.

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